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Osteopath at Work


Electric stimulation works by attaching stick-on pieces of equipment to the skin and using the control unit to transmit currents to targeted muscle groups. The control unit is where the timer, sensory knobs and other devices are located to produce the electric current. Two lead wires and two to four neurostimulation electrodes are the tools that are attached to the skin to transmit the current. The machine may cause a number of unique sensations when turned on and applied to a specific muscle group.

There are many benefits to this kind of therapy. To start, it can help reduce edema (swelling) and expedite the healing process of injured or damaged tissue. Electric muscle stimulation can also help reduce chronic pain. Other benefits include:

  • May improve joint pain and swelling

  • Prevents and reveres muscle atrophy (loss of muscle mass/tissue)

  • Enhances rehabilitation of muscles

  • Increases range of motion for tense muscles or tendons

  • Reduces stress and discomfort

  • Improves blood flow and circulation

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