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How PEMF works:

Recharges the “Batteries”

  • The body is made up of millions of tiny electrical currents and impulses interacting throughout the cells. All cells need energy to function. Both acute and chronic injuries are associated with damaged cells. When we get sick or injured and have pain, the cells “battery”, called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is weak and inactive. A healthy cell can perform normal cellular functions at 70 millivolts. A “damaged” cell is weaker, (carrying less than 50 millivolts) and lacks the proper energy to heal and adequately perform normal cell functions.

  • Like any other battery, one that is drained will never work unless you charge it. This is one of the main reasons why pain often does not go away. PEMF therapy does this by passing waves of energy through the cells at a very powerful and fast rate. This increases the spin of the electron within the cells and activates the mitochondria allowing for increased production of ATP at the cellular level. This, in turn restores or replenishes the transmembrane potential of the cell. Think of this process as “recharging the batteries” inside of you.

Enhances Oxygen to Tissues

  • Painful joints and muscles are commonly associated with poor blood circulation. Injuries cause our red blood cells to stack on top of one another drastically reducing circulation to these areas. Without proper circulation, nutrients and oxygen are not delivered to the tissues, thus preventing healing and repair. PEMF restores charge to the red bloods cells and causes them to repel each other in minutes. This allows for greater surface area to transport oxygen, nitric oxide production is increased, the cells are able to separate and the blood vessels open up (dilate). This increases circulation allowing for increased amounts of oxygen and nutrients to reach your painful spots thereby promoting healing.

Normalizes pH

  • Science has also shown that when you apply a pulsed electromagnetic field to a cell, the pH of the water within the cell becomes less acidic and more alkaline. Reduction of acidity makes PEMF great for acute injuries, helps with cramping and reduces acidosis seen in athletic performance. What also happens is the electrical surface tension of the cell membrane can shift on the order of 16-fold. This allows fluids to flow into cell gates much more efficiently. The end result is better oxygen uptake, decreased inflammation and enhanced flow of lymphatic fluid.


  • Injuries, medication, the food we eat, and the environment cause our body to be filled with toxins. Within our sick and damaged areas, millions of cells are filled with toxins that are unable to escape. Without proper detoxification, our bodies stay in a state of toxicity and prevents us from achieving optimal health.

  • Cells also have a rigid membrane that makes the release of these trapped toxins more difficult. PEMF produces an effect called Electroporation where the cell gates are stimulated electromagnetically to temporarily open. This makes the cell membranes become softer and more permeable allowing toxins to escape and creates more room for nutrients to enter the cell. The byproduct is better cell function leading to healthier cells. Healthy cells mean a better immune system.

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